Dungeon World Monster Maker

Jonathan Garrison, 2017 (achernar _at_ dawnathan.com)



What is it known to do?

Write a monster move describing what it does.

What does it want that causes problems for others?

This is its instinct. Write it as an intended action.

How does it usually hunt or fight?

In large groups: horde, d6 damage, 3 HP
In small groups, about 2–5: group, d8 damage, 6 HP
All by its lonesome: solitary, d10 damage, 12 HP

How big is it?

Smaller than a house cat: tiny, hand, -2 damage
Halfling-esque: small, close
About human size: close
As big as a cart: large, close, reach, +4 HP, +1 damage
Much larger than a cart: huge, reach, +8 HP, +3 damage

What is its most important defense?

Cloth or flesh: 0 armor
Leathers or thick hide: 1 armor
Mail or scales: 2 armor
Plate or bone: 3 armor
Permanent magical protection: 4 armor, magical

What is it known for? (choose all that apply)

Skill in defense: +1 armor
Deft strikes: +1 piercing
Uncanny endurance: +4 HP
Deceit and trickery: stealthy, write a move about dirty tricks

The favor of the gods: divine, +2 damage
The favor of the gods: divine, +2 HP
Spells and magic: magical, write a move about its spells

Unrelenting strength: forceful, +2 damage
Skill in offense: roll damage twice and take the better roll
A useful adaptation like being amphibious or having wings: add a special quality for the adaptation

What is its most common form of attack?

Note it along with the creature’s damage. Common answers include: a type of weapon, claws, a specific spell.

Then answer these questions about it:

Its armaments are vicious and obvious: +2 damage
It lets the monster keep others at bay: reach
Its armaments are small and weak: reduce its damage die size by one
Its armaments can slice or pierce metal: messy
+1 piercing
+3 piercing (if it can just tear metal apart)
Armor doesn’t help with the damage it deals (due to magic, size, etc.): ignores armor

It usually attacks at range (with arrows, spells, or other projectiles):

Which of these describe it? (choose all that apply)

It isn’t dangerous because of the wounds it inflicts, but for other reasons: devious, reduce its damage die size by one, write a move about why it’s dangerous

It organizes into larger groups that it can call on for support: organized, write a move about calling on others for help

It’s as smart as a human or thereabouts: intelligent
It actively defends itself with a shield or similar: cautious, +1 armor
It collects trinkets that humans would consider valuable (gold, gems, secrets): hoarder
It’s from beyond this world: planar, write a move about using its otherworldly knowledge and power

It’s kept alive by something beyond simple biology: +4 HP
It was made by someone: construct, give it a special quality or two about its construction or purpose

Its appearance is disturbing, terrible, or horrible: terrifying, write a special quality about why it’s so horrendous

It doesn't have organs or discernible anatomy: amorphous, +1 armor, +3 HP
It (or its species) is ancient—older than man, elves, and dwarves: increase its damage die size by one
It abhors violence: roll damage twice and take the worst result