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Dawn and her cousins, Victoria and Chelsea, play "hair dresser"
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Our family is close, loving, and fully supports our open adoption plans. Dawn's mother and father live in Florida and we visit them often. They look forward to taking walks on the beach with their grandchild! Dawn has a younger sister who lives in New York with her husband. Aunt Kelly and Uncle Thomas will love visiting the Empire State Building with their niece or nephew!

Jonathan's parents in Virginia look forward to moving to North Carolina, to be closer to their grandchildren. Jonathan's mother, who has worked with children, can't wait to share her love and wisdom in helping care for a baby. Trips to the park or library for story time are just some of the things Jonathan's mom looks forward to doing with our child! Jonathan's dad loves car racing and is excited about taking his little grandchild to a race. Our nephew, Joshua, lives ten minutes away and can't wait to meet his little cousin! He’ll enjoy having a playmate! Everyone is excited to welcome a little one into the family!
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